Kingdom Impact

Kingdom Impact.


Kingdom Impact

Kingdom Impact


What does it mean to be an instrument of blessing in the hands of God, to share about the kingdom of God in our nation and the nations?

Here are a couple resources that include what it means to influence our nation(s) with the principles and standards of the Word of God. (please note the host Glenn Beck is simply standing on morals while not necessarily an Evangelical Christian (yet!!!). I truly appreciate how he is searching truth while interviewing Pastor Robert Morris.

Let me know what you believe kingdom impact means as ambassadors and stewards of God’s kingdom in the earth.

In His zeal and love for the nations,

Isaiah 60:1-3

A Spiritual Army is Rising for the Glory of God

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Celebrating a New Year with God’s World Changers on the France mission field! God bless you in your particular adventure for the Lord, and thank you for praying with us 🙂 Joshua 1:9

In the last few weeks of 2013 I have been amazed at the number of times God has strategically connected me with like-minded world changers who have a passion and burden to see revival in this nation of France.

The video of all 2013 accomplishments, a couple interviews and photos of events involving prayer, evangelism, meetings with leaders,and sharing about what it means to be a part of God’s plan in today’s generation, is almost ready for you to see.

Thank you for praying, giving and or coming to help us as we help the body of Christ in any way God leads – a spiritual army is rising for the glory of God for such a time as this!


In His fire and zeal for souls full of God’s presence, Melodie


Evangelizing with a dynamic team of Paris believers in 2013 for Christmas!

Evangelizing with a dynamic team of Paris believers in 2013 for Christmas!

Declaring and proclaiming blessings of every kind to each of you for being a support or letting me bless you any way I can. I praise the Lord for this year and for being in my France for Christmas for the first time since 1982 – GOD IS GOOD! IT TRULY HAS BEEN MY BEST CHRISTMAS YET – SO MUCH TO SHARE!!! I love you friends and family Psalms 150!




“Don’t think of temptation as something resulting from your tiredness, or illness, or poverty, or nervestrain, when you feel you might well excuse yourself for yielding, but first to realize very fully that when you have heard My voice (“the Heavens opened,” as it were) and are going to fulfill your mission to work for me and to draw souls to me, YOU MUST EXPECT A MIGHTY ONSLAUGHT FROM THE EVIL ONE, who will endeavor with all his might to frustrate you, and to prevent your good work.” “Expect that.” “Then when these little temptations, or big ones, come, you will recognize them as planned by evil to thwart Me.” “THEN FOR VERY LOVE OF ME YOU WILL CONQUER.” From “God Calling” devotional for December 6.Last night capturing a Paris stairway

Thanksgiving Day in Paris

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Thanksgiving Day in Paris

November 2013

Time to PREPARE and to put all in divine ORDER for kingdom strategies in FRANCE!!!

Time to PREPARE and to put all in divine ORDER for kingdom strategies in FRANCE!!!

This clearly is foundation building time, and we are corners away from the whole structure coming to visible form with the people, resources and strategies God is establishing. Thank you for praying with us and thank you for believing God for the revolutionary dreams He has placed on the inside of you. Isaiah 60:1